Measures to verify reviews / feedback

Measures to verify reviews / feedback

Any actual experience in connection with the purchase or use of a service of a participating company can be evaluated with up to 5 stars. An overall grade is then calculated from the simple average of the evaluation notes of all verified reviews of the past 12 months. In comments, customers share their experiences in their own words.

Papero does not offer any advantages, special conditions, price reductions or other incentives for the submission of a positive or withdrawal of a negative assessment.

Calculation based on the star allocation

5.00 - 4.50 very good
4.49 - 3.50 good
3.49 - 2.50 satisfactory
2.49 - 1.50 sufficient
1.49 - 1.00 poor

Measures to verify the ratings

Papero has taken various measures in its evaluation system to ensure that the published ratings only come from consumers who actually used or acquired the goods or services (hereinafter "verified reviews").

How is Papero ensure that it is real reviews?

Technical measures:

Papero uses various technical measures so that e-mail invitations to submit reviews are only sent to those email addresses through which a purchase was also completed or a service was acquired.

Manual measures:

Further manual measures also check that only those customers who have also acquired the product or have used the service submit reviews.

In the event of abnormalities or indications that suggest that, despite the technical measures mentioned above, there is no experience, evidence of the legitimacy of the assessment is required and this is checked accordingly. If the requested evidence of the acquisition of the goods or the use of the services cannot be presented, the ratings will be deleted.

Notes on special cases:

Reviews from the shop page

In these reviews, we do not make sure that all the evaluations come from such consumers who have actually used or acquired the goods or services. Therefore, these reviews (marked as "without verification" text "") do not flow into the calculation of the overall grade and are identified as imported reviews.