PAPERO® with Love in the heart of Bavaria Munich - We love freedom- green rebellion Zero Waste is our Philosophy.

Travelling with our 22 year old motorhome Wolfgang - short "Wolfi" - is our hobby.
After one of our journeys in the wild, we became aware of our way of life day in and day out.
Do our consumption habits actually have fatal effects on humans, animals and the environment? After many researches and discussions, it was decided for us in January 2012: "We now live minimalist and animal-free!" For us, it was one of the best decisions of our lives, as we can actively contribute to a better world on a daily basis.
Initially, we fought our way through the consumer jungle and needed a lot of time for our purchasing decisions and didn't always find what we wanted. Bags in particular should be able to meet all our requirements: beautiful appearance, vegan and made of robust, renewable raw materials. There wasn't the right bag for us. We decided to take the project into our own hands and use the basic raw material washable kraft paper PAPERO BAGS was born and within three months we sold out the first bag delivery. So we weren't the only ones who thought like we did.

Since then, we have been obsessed with designing new and long-lasting everyday favourites with renewable raw materials together with our customers. With our products, we want to encourage people to question their own consumer behaviour and values in order to make the world a better place.

We think it is time for the green rebellion.

If you have any questions, we can be reached 24/7. You are welcome to contact paperobags or Whatsapp 0178-1010058 via Facebook Messenger, you are guaranteed to get a quick answer.

Have fun in everything you do and all the best. 

Your PAPERO team