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1. Questions?

Our support answers you from 08: 00-22: 30 p.m. Monntag- Sunday within an hour. On the following channels: WhatsApp, Telegram, email, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Messenger. See contact page

1.2 What does shipping cost?

Shipping within Germany is free of charge. The shipping costs outside of Germany are under See shipping guidelines listed.

1.2.1 How long does the delivery take?

The shipping time to Germany is 1-3 days outside of Germany See shipping guidelines. The processing time when ordering until 11:00 a.m. will be sent on the same day, otherwise the next day. Where is my order?

You will receive the status of your order by email, and you can also track the shipment via the tracking number.

2. How can I pay my Papero articles in the online shop?

    You can easily pay by PayPal, credit card, immediate transfer, bank transfer (1-2 days of processing time), on account, Google, Apple Pay.

        3. How does shipping work?

        After your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us and a shipping confirmation by email including the tracking number of your shipment. Shipping is free of charge throughout Germany. Please take into account that additional tariffs, taxes and fees that you must be borne by you may be taken into account when delivering to the non-EU-foreign country. Further information on tariffs can be found, for example, at the following link: ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/index_de.html

                 4. How do you send?

            In order for your ordered Papero product to reach you as quickly as possible and in perfect condition, our products will be sent to you through our delivery service DHL Green immediately after receipt of payment.

                     5. Return and exchange?

                With free shipping and 60 days of return rights, you order very conveniently and without risk. We cannot cover the costs for return shipping. At Papero® Bags, we would like to make a sustainable contribution to climate protection and avoid unnecessary to drive CO2 emissions up-so we also want to keep the number of returns as low as possible.

                         6. Which social projects do you support?

                    Sustainability is an important topic for us. We donate part of the proceeds to the non -profit association Primaklima e. V. and thus support reforestation projects. Each tree binds an average of about 10 kg of CO² per year and thus contributes to the climate neutrality. With every purchase of a Papero® bag you ensure a better piece of future.

                              7. Do you pay attention to nature and environmental protection?

                        Yes, all of our articles are CO2-compensated. Our packaging material with packing tape is completely plastic -free and consists of 100 % recycled paper. Our manufacturers also provide us with our bags and backpacks completely plastic -free. The re packing of our Mini Wallets is made of 100 % recycled paper.

                        We use the Go Green option from DHL, so the shipping is CO2-neutral.

                                  8. Are your Papero® bags & backpacks vegan?

                            Yes, all bags & backpacks are vegan and certified by PETA.

                            9. What is the material made of Papero® bags & backpacks?

                              The material for our pockets is made of cell fabric, which is made of crashed softwood. The long fibers provide the strength and wet strength of the paper. The pulp is mixed with latex and gives our bags robustness and washable.

                              Our pockets exist not out of Tyvek®, because it is a non -woven fabric made of polyethylene (plastic). This cannot be recycled in the same way as paper and does not correspond to our idea of ​​sustainability.

                                      10. A paper backpack - it doesn't tear and can withstand something?

                                  The power paper itself is ultra -light and still robust and tear -resistant. These are the advantages of our Papero® bags and backpacks. You can put something in the backpack and wear it comfortably. When it rains, the backpack content remains dry. Raindrops do not leave any stains and the material dries again quickly.

                                  When it comes to the filled backpack, you should pay attention that the shoulder straps are evenly loaded and the bag is not only carried with a shoulder strap, because paper also has its limits if it has been perforated by seams.

                                  Unused and new backpacks are initially a bit stiff and, after a short time, become softer and smoother.

                                          11. Are your bags & backpacks tested for pollutants?

                                      All of our bags and backpacks are chemical -free and uncoated. Metal components are nickel and lead-free. We attach great importance that our products are always biodegradable or recyclable, health and environmentally friendly.

                                              12. How do I care for my Papero® power paper?

                                          The power paper can be cleaned with water with a damp (microfiber) cloth. The material is stainsensitive and easy to care for. The bags should not be with staining clothing such as. B. jeans are worn. An impregnation is not necessary.

                                                  13. Where does the material from Papero® bags & backpacks come from?

                                              The power paper for our washable bags and backpacks is produced in Germany by a long-established and ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 Environmental management systems certified company that specializes in the production of recyclable and renewable materials.

                                                       14. Under what conditions will your Papero® bags &

                                                  Made backpacks?

                                                  It is important to us that our bags and backpacks are made under good and ethical working conditions. That means fair payment and protection of the employees. We were able to convince ourselves personally. Our manufacturer is regularly successfully checked for working conditions by an accredited testization. So we can be 100 % behind our products with a clear conscience.

                                                           15. Do your Papero® bags & backpacks have the FSC® seal?

                                                      Yes, our power paper wears the FSC® seal from sustainable forestry.

                                                               16. You can customize your papero® bags & backpacks

                                                          With drawings, labels or paintings?

                                                          Yes, it works very well with waterproof permanent markers or acrylic paints.

                                                                   17. Fit into the Cougar models and Lynx laptops or


                                                              A 15 “device fits into both models. An A4 folder also fits into the Cougar model. In the Lynx model, a 0.5 l bottle and A4 documents fit into the side pockets. Both models also have stability with empty content.

                                                              18. Can you wash the Cougar model in the washing machine?

                                                              Yes. You can wash your Papero backpack in the cold express wash without spinning with liquid detergent. Please remove the Velcro fastener beforehand. To dry. Please note if the backpack is damaged, e.g. Pathers fine cracks, we advise against the laundry.

                                                              Here is the Papero bags and Slim Wallets