• Duck

    ✮ Minimalist style
    in its purest form

    It's time for the green rebellion

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  • Papero Cougar Handtaschen Rucksack Berlin Vegan

    We love freedom

    It's time for the green rebellion.

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  • Papero Handtaschen Rucksack Berlin Vegan Nachhaltig


    ✮ Pure vegetable
    Natural product
    100%a good conscience

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    robust | water resistant | sustainable

  • ♻ Paper

    Growing and

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  • Papero The brand for paper backpacks

    Be part of the green rebellion...!

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  • 100%Paper Growth and Sustainability

    It's time for the green rebellion

  • Pure vegetable natural product 100% a good conscience

PAPERO - Wir lieben Freiheit - Es ist Zeit für die grüne Rebellion


"The natural material paper comes from Germany and is excellent with the Fsc®-seal."

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Ethics & sense &124We love freedom